Here you can find some possibly up to date range gear information:


Why should I use archery? Archery takes the slowest of fighting skills to level, and the most expensive with ammo costs. That being said, a strong argument can be made for archery being the strongest combat style, as well as domanice in pvp.

Where do I start Archery? Archery trainer at Aracia

What's the best way to level archery? Attacking the highest monster you can, with the best gear and pots you can use/afford.

How can I go about building/grinding efficiently? There are 2 handed, dps heavy archery wepons, and single handed throwing based weapons (no ammo). It's best to pick up one of these throwing weapons to help allievate ammo costs. Rusty knives at 40 arch, fire knives 55 arch, ice knives 65 arch, barbarian spear 85 arch. The cross bows have no rage, but high arch bonus and damage, with bows being your best rage weapon.

How come I can't target monsters? Targeting is still a little difficult, but here are a few tips. Play full screen for larger targets, hold control/attack before you click, and aim for the crotch/middle area of players/monsters. Also don't for get double-tapping R will work with targeting players. Targeting is crucial for pve, and pvp in archery.

Slayer is great for starting out with low archery

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