• Keep your Crafting the Resource gathering skills the same level as your Archery. This way you can make arrows instead of buying them. They can get very expensive until you get throwing knives!
  • Obtain throwing knives T. Knife Fire (G) as soon as possible, these will save you from wasting ammo.
  • Although T. Knife Fire (G) and T.Knife Ice (G) are fast and don't use ammo, you may want to use a bow for a more powerful rage attack.
  • You can equip a shield while wearing throwing knives. (no bow allows you to do this)
  • As an archer you can attack while stunned, even though you can't cast spells. This can save your life in PvP and against NPCs that stun.
  • Use Glaciate to initiate on targets (it has a slightly higher range than range weapons). Doing this gives you a chance to set up and hit your target a few times before they start making their way towards you.
  • There are many places you can attack NPCs at range and not be hit back.
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