Here is a possibly up to date list of Attack gear: Weapons generally must be Crafted or farmed from Monsters on their respective wiki pages.

Begin leveling by doing Slayer tasks, starting with the quest on the noticeboard in Aracia. The southeast corner of town has a telepad that leads to the Slayer town, Elemental Citadel. At Combat Level 50, players will want to begin training Dungeon in the Rage Cave, northeast of Bobo Port.

In the early levels up to Steel equipment (level 25 Attack and 15 Endurance), all armor and weapons can be bought from Mark in Aracia. They can also be farmed from monsters, such as Zombies dropping Adamant Swords. Beginning at Steel tier, players can start using off-hands which are secondary weapons acting as a shield but give offensive bonuses in place of defensive bonuses. For lower levels, they make it easier to train.

Brok equipment (level 35 Attack and 25 Endurance) can be bought from the Duke of Blena in Blena Basement.

Puka equipment must be Crafted or farmed from certain monsters (see their respective pages for monsters who drop them, such as Puka Plate is a drop from King Black Dragon).

Puka can be upgraded into the next tier, Blessed, by turning Magic Rocks into Magic Orbs and using Alchemy. Magic Rocks can be collected by Mining Shiner Ore and breaking it down with Crafting or killing certain monsters. The equipment itself does not drop elsewhere.

Pyre equipment is made using Pyre Bars and Melted Shards collected and dropped by monsters in the deep Magic Cave layers.

Ghost equipment is rarely and specifically dropped broken from Boneyard monsters, such as legs only being dropped by Chaotic Ghosts and body armors by Chaos Elements. They can be repaired with Ghost Shards dropped by any of them. Players may decide to skip this tier if it is too difficult to get the equipment.

Nova equipment is made by Crafting a large number of Super Nova Balls which are made from normal Nova Balls dropped mostly by monsters in Starhenge.

Molten equipment involves the Dungeon skill where the various materials dropped by the monsters of the Rage Cave are needed to craft it.

Slayer equipment is the final and likely most tedious equipment to acquire, requiring a large amount of Slayer Trophies and levels (Attack, Endurance, and Slayer). Some tips are to only use Souls to buy Slayer Keys since they are the easiest to get, save experience scrolls for a bless (see Slayer for amount of scrolls until next tier), 5 tasks from any one tier and 10 tasks total can be accepted at once, and tier 6 (or T6) tasks usually take too long and are not worth doing, so mixing T3 and T4 (maybe some T5 tasks) are the best way to farm the materials needed to buy the gear.

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