Attack everything, it doesn't matter if you die. The experience gained alone makes it worth the effort and time to learn each creatures reaction to your blade(s).

After reaching 10 Attack, use discretion when selecting monsters, as there are some that will eat you alive, and others that are just right. Aim for monsters that are two to three times your level when possible for the most EXP.

Cows provide raw meat (for cooking - maybe eating as potions for hp; cooking will get you xp and lvls in cooking skill) and cowhide. cowhide sells well on the market to vendors so that you can save up some coins for your next armor or weapon.

  • If you aren’t a pure get getting Sorcery to level 20 is very beneficial. It will allow you to use the Life Staff (E), Buffs, Freeze, and Heal Spells which will aid you on your journey.
  • Fish are friends; and food. Fish are better than potions. They heal more and are easier to get.
  • NOTE: Attack is the slowest combat skill to level, excluding the Endurance skill.
  • Off-Hand weapons only provide stats. They do not allow you to attack multiple times at once.
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