Bablo Giant is a level 50 Boss monster located inside Bablo Cave in Bobo Port. It is the target of The Bablo Giant quest.

Once inside the cave, go to the southwest corner and flip the switch. This will activate the teleporter in the northeast corner of the cave. Stepping on the teleporter leads to Bablo Cave #2 where you will have to kill Rock Monsters to get the Bablo Key. Go through the door after you get the key and keep heading north until you reach Bablo Cave Boss.

Be careful not to step on the Spikes around this boss; they're an instant Death!

The first stage he will attack using melee, the second stage he will attack using ranged/magic.

Loot Table

Image Item Quantity Chance
Bablo Hide 1 1/1
Bablo Dagger 1 1/10
Self-Heal 1 1/20
Soulstone 1 1/10
Fly Rod 1
Empty Chest #1 1