About Bloca Town

To get to Bloca Town, you must pass through Bloca Town West and exit through the northeast. To get to Bloca Town West, you have to speak to the Ice Witch in the Land of Ice and she will take you there when the player reaches Combat Level 40. This area contains many types of dragons.


Name Image
Dragon Master
Dragon Master-0


Name Level HP Image
Bloca Guard 80 2500
Green Dragon 90 1000
Albo Dragon 90 1400
Undead Fire Dragon 90 1700



Image Name Level # of Nodes
Bulbberry Node
Bulb Berry 45 4
Magma Shard
Magma Shard 60 11
Blopa Berry 95 1
G orega egg
Orega Eggs 100 92


Image Name Level # of Rocks
Steel Rock
Steel Ore 30 4 (south)

5 (north)

Brok Rock
Brok Ore 40 2

Connected Maps

West - Bloca Town West

Southeast (staircase) - Rola Mining Area