Boneyard Cave (M) is a map of the Boneyard. It contains two sections: the regular one seen below and a secondary map accessed via a staircase in Boneyard (OPEN), the entrance to the Death Ghost.

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Main Area

Secondary Area

Secondary Area

The secondary area can be accessed via the northwest staircase of Boneyard (OPEN). This area contains a few Chaotic Ghosts, Sico Chaotic Ghosts, and Glowing Shard rocks (level 80 Mining).


Main Area

Image Name Level HP
Baby cockroach
Baby Cockroach 30 450
Mummy 60 1000
Flaming stag-0
Flaming Stag 75 1600

Secondary Area

Image Name Level HP
Chaotic ghost-0
Chaotic Ghost 85 4000
Sico Chaotic
Sico Chaotic Ghost 95 5000



Image Name Level # of Spots
Flaming fish spot
Flaming Fish
Flaming Fish 45 2 (east)

4 (southwest)

3 (northwest)

Kraken spot
Kraken 60 1 (middle)

5 (southwest)


Image Name Level # of Rocks
Adamant Rock
Adamant Ore 15 5 (northeast)
Steel Rock
Steel Ore 30 6 (northeast)
Brok Rock
Brok Ore 40 3 (hidden room)

4 (northeast)

Puka Rock
Puka Ore 50 5 (hidden room)
Glowing Shard
Glowing Shard 80 17 (secondary area)

Map Images

Main Area

Boneyard Cave (M)

Secondary Area

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