Bosses are stronger than (and sometimes surrounded by) regular Monsters that drop rare, unique items and equipment. Below is a list of Bosses found throughout Orake. This list does not include Rare Monsters.

Boss List

Image Name Level HP Location Notes
Eyma gechu
Eyma Gechu 35 666 Ragsock Village A low level mini-boss.
Bablo giant phase 1
Bablo Giant 50 Phase 1: 2000

Phase 2: 2500

Bablo Cave Requires flipping a switch in the southwest corner of Bablo Cave, then taking the northeast telepad and using a Bablo Key on the gate to access. Phase 1 attacks with melee. Phase 2 attacks with ranged.
Frozen giant phase 1
Frozen Giant 70 Phase 1: 3000

Phase 2: 3500

Ice Cave #2 Requires an Ice Key. Attacks with melee. Uses a stun spell during second phase.
Icedom dragon
Icedom Dragon 80 10k Ice Cave #2 Requires an Icedom Key. Can only be damaged with Attack. Surrounded by Icedom Minions.
Vetis The Corrupted 85 6500 Dungeon of Woes Requires a Roob Orb and a Makeshift Key.
King Black Dragon 85 8000 Lilo Cave #2 Requires a Lily's Orb to access Lily's Island.
False prophet
False Prophet 90 Each phase: 5000 Magic Cave: Layer 1 Three phases that hit consecutively harder and faster.
Weak morlox 3 blue
Weak Morlox 90 6000 Mindos Cave #2 A series of three similar mini-bosses.
Captain Greencoat
Captain Greencoat 110 20k Orakian Bandit Ship Requires Combat Level 60 to access Mystica Town.

Surrounded by 3 Crew members on a relatively small map.

Molten minotaur (R)
Molten Minotaur 117 Each phase: 7000 Magic Cave: Layer 5 Requires a Minotaur Orb and Lucky Horn (one-time use).
Dino death mage
Dino Death Mage 117 28k The Underpass Requires a Desert Orb to access Sandy Island and Combat Level 35.
Morlox demolisher phase 4
Morlox Demolisher 120 Phase 1: 10k

Phase 2: 11k

Phase 3: 12k

Phase 4: 13k

Boneyard Maze Requires a Flaming Stag Key, Spider Key, and Blue M. Key. It has four phases: the first is only damaged by melee, the second by ranged, the third by magic, and the fourth by any combat style.
Death ghost
Death Ghost 135 35000 Death Trap Requires Combat Level 60 and a Lock Pick to access.
Kezthra 140 4700 Underground Power Requires a God Orb (one-time use). Surrounded by 4 Baby Worms.
Gorgraxis phase 1
Gorgraxis 145 Each phase: 25k Starhenge Requires Combat Level 60 and a Permanent Pass to access Starhenge and the boss.
Shadster 148 60k Underground Power Requires a God Orb (one-time use).
Death Worm-0
Death Worm 148 50k Underground Power Requires a God Orb (one-time use).
Rali 148 60k Underground Power Requires a God Orb (one-time use).
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