General Controls

Ctrl & F - Attack & Talk With Npcs.

Left Click - Target a player or NPC

Right Click - On players: show interactive drop down menu, On monsters/tiles: Send pet to attack/move

Tab - Rage Attack & (also functions as Attack).

Space - Picks up items you're standing on

R - Changes targeting to your closest Party Member.

I - Opens Inventory.

E - Opens Spell Book.

Q - Opens Quest Log.

C - Opens Character Sheet and Equipped Items Page.

O - Opens Options.

P - Opens the Pet Menu.

G - Guild menu.

WASD- Movement keys (Up, Left, Down, Right, respectively)

Shift+Alt+Click - Brings you to Wiki page of quest/item/NPC clicked on

Chat Channels (F keys)

F1 - "Broadcast" nicknamed Global, messages sent here are visible to anyone on your current server. Requires Combat Level 5.

F2 - "Map" messages sent here will be visible to anyone on the same map as yourself, it also produces a chat box above your characters head, displaying the message.

F3 - "Emote" this channel does not have a function currently.

F4 - "Party" this chat reaches only the individuals you are in a party with you. This chat shows as purple in color for everyone.

F5 - "Guild" this channel sends message to all guild members currently on your server.


/who - This command tells you how many players are online and all of their names.

/fps - This command will put your "FPS" (Frames per second) and "Ping" (connection speed) on the right hand side of your screen.

/fpslock - This command will lock your frames (can reduce lag)

/bugreport - You can use this function to report a bug within the game.

/removeblock name - Removes block for specified character.

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