Death Ghost is a boss found in the Death Trap. Players require a Lock Pick to enter the gate containing the entrance to the his lair.


  • Take the telepad on the west side of Boneyard (M) to another section of said map
  • Enter the gate to the north using a Lock Pick to enter Boneyard (OPEN)
  • Take the northern telepad of this map to get to the lair
  • The Death Ghost will be to the west if you take the south false wall of the entrance

Loot Table

Image Drops Quantity Rarity
Broken ghost sword
Broken Ghost Sword 1 1/333
Broken Off-Hand 1 1/333
Broken Ghost Staff 1 1/333
Broken Ghost C. Bow 1 1/333
Broken Ghost Melee Helm 1 1/333
Broken Circlet 1 1/333
Broken Ghost Ranged Helm 1 1/333
Left Horn 1 1/333
Ghost Purple Shard 1 1/333
Ranging Rock 1 1/333