Duke of Blena is the cowardly leader of Blena. He is a quest and vendor NPC that can be found in Blena Basement, accessible via the ladder in the northeast house within the walls of Blena. He offers the Goblin Payback and Keeping the Peace quests.

Vendor Table

Image Name Price
Brok helm
Brok Helm 11880
Brok plate
Brok Plate 35640
Brok legs
Brok Legs 23760
Brok shield
Brok Shield 24750
Brok sword
Brok Sword 24750
Brok sword
Off-Hand Brok Sword 24750
Brok Ranging Helm 11880
Brok Ranging Plate 37070
Brok Ranging Legs 25190
Brok Bow 9900
Brok Arrows (40) 1320
Mystic Hat 100k
Mystic Top 250k
Mystic Bottom 150k
Mystic Orb 110k
Mystic Book 113k
Mystic Staff 220k
Fire Wizard Hat 60k
Fire Robe Top 120k
Fire Robe Bottom 90k
Fire Staff 200k
Fire Orb 80k