Entrance to the enchanting crypt (Above)

The enchanting crypt is found directly west of the southern entrance to the boneyard

The entrance is located in the open coffin on the far right.

The primary use of the crypt is to enchant staves and other gear.


Enchanting altar depicted above.

The enchanting crypt has a few monsters such as

Rockcutter stag


Baby cockroach

Enchanting items requires Soul Stones

Soul Stones

Adds (E) to item name.

Item Soul Stone Cost
Water Staff 1
Thunder Staff 3
Life Staff 4
Earth Staff 6
Mystic Staff 10
Ork Staff 26
Puka Armour 10 per piece
Puke Ranging Armour 10 per piece
Mystic Armour 10 per piece
Ring of Life 30
Puka Shield 10