Clan Capes/Vendor Mini-Game Capes Rare Drop or Quest Capes
Hero Clan Cape Fire Cape Devil Cape
PK Clan Cape Green Fire Cape Magic Cape
Villain Clan Cape Ice Cape
Futhark Cape Death A. Cape
Healer Clan Cape Death R. Cape
Maxed Range Death M. Cape
Maxed Magic
Maxed Attack
Barbaric Cape
M.Stolen Cape
R. Stolen Cape
Bronze Sword Icon

Melee Equipment


Skirmisher's Ring Strong Attack Ring Ghost Ring Ring Of Death (A)
Combat Ring Dark Attack Ring Yelly Ring Bella Ring
Angel Ring Rigo Ring


Skirmisher's Boots Goka Boots Goka Skins Red Goka Skins
Ghost Boots Dark Attack Boots

Weapons (Swords/Daggers/Axes/Spears)

Bronze Sword Lava Sword Spike Blade Hard Battle Axe
Steel Sword Puka Sword Ice Dagger Killer Whip
Brok Sword Ork Sword Ice Claws Scythe of Death
Iron Sword Ghost Sword Fire Claw Devil Spear
Metal Claw Black Sword Bablo Dagger Ghost Claws
Infected Devil Spear Adamant Sword Smoldering Dagger S.Battle Hammer
Infected Spear (F) Nova Sword Black Scythe Galactic Whip
Slammer Mace


Bronze Shield Iron Shield Black Shield Adamant Shield
Steel Shield Steel Off-Hand Sword Brok Shield Off-Hand Brok Sword
Puka Shield Off-Hand Puka Sword Blessed Shield Off-Hand Ork Sword
Off-Hand Ghost Sword Fire Shield Dragon Shield Nova Shield


Bronze Helm Iron Helm Black Helm Adamant Helm
Steel Helm Brok Helm Puka Helm Blessed Attack Helm
Ghost Helmet Nova Helm

Attack ChestsPlate

Bronze Plate Iron Plate Black Plate Adamant Plate
Steel Plate Brok Plate Puka Plate Blessed Attack Plate
Ghost Plate Nova Plate


Bronze Legs Iron Legs Black Legs Adamant Legs
Steel Legs Brok Legs Puka Legs Blessed Attack Legs
Ghost Legs Nova Legs
Bronze Bow Icon

Ranged Equipment


Ranger's Ring Strong Ranging Ring Ghost Ring Ring Of Death (R)
Combat Ring Dark Range Ring Yelly Ring Bella Ring
Rigo Ring


Ranger's Boots Green Goka Skins Ghost Boots Dark Range Boots

Weapons (Bows/Crossbows/Knives)

Bronze Bow Iron Bow Black Bow Adamant Bow
Steel Bow Brok Bow Puka Bow Frozen Bow
Double Shot Hard Crossbow Dragon Crossbow Ghost Crossbow
Ork Bow T. Knife Ice(G) T. Knife Fire(G) Zephyr Crossbow
Parallax Bow Demon Bow
Archer Shield (B)


Bronze Ranging Helm Iron Ranging Helm Black Ranging Helm Adamant Ranging Helm
Steel Ranging Helmet Brok Ranging Helmet Puka Ranging Helmet Blessed Range Helmet
Ghost R.Helm Pyre. R. Helm

Chests Pieces (Plates)

Bronze Ranging Plate Iron Ranging Plate Black Ranging Plate Adamant Ranging Plate
Steel Ranging Plate Brok Ranging Plate Puka Ranging Plate Blessed Range Plate
Ghost R.Top Pyre R. Plate


Bronze Ranging Legs Iron Ranging Legs Black Ranging Legs Adamant Ranging Legs
Steel Ranging Legs Brok Ranging Legs Puka Ranging Legs Blessed Range Legs
Ghost R.Legs Pyre R. Legs


Bronze Arrow Puka Arrow Dragon Bolt
Steel Arrow Frozen Arrow Hard Bolt
Black Arrow Ork Arrow Ghost Bolts
Brok Arrow Double Arrows
Iron Arrow
Adamant Arrow
Water Staff Icon

Magic Equipment


Mage's Ring Strong Magic Ring Ghost Ring Ring Of Death (M)
Combat Ring Dark Magic Ring Yelly Ring Bella Ring
Rigo Ring


Mage's Boots B.Goka Skins Dark Magic Boots Ghost Boots

Weapons (Staves/Wands)

Water Staff Water Staff (E) Thunder Staff Thunder Staff (E)
Staff Of Life Staff Of Life (E) Earth Staff Earth Staff (E)
Sand Staff Sand Staff Mystic Staff Mystic Staff (E)
Ork Staff Ork Staff (E) Dino Death Staff Dino Death Staff (E)
Ghost Staff Ghost Staff (E) Broken Ghost Staff Nebula Staff
S.Healing Staff Hade's Wand Shining Staff


Tome Of Water Thunder Book Book Of Life Earth Book
Water Orb Thunder Orb Life Orb Earth Orb
Mystic Book Sun Orb Morlox Orb
Mystic Orb Ice Shield Magic Orb


Water Hat Wizard Hat Life Hat Earth Hat
Mystic Hat Blessed Magic Hat Sico Hat

Robe Tops

Water Robe Top Wizard Robe Top Life Robe Top Earth Robe Top
Mystic Top Blessed Magic Top

Robe Bottom

Water Robe Bottom Wizard Robe Bottom Life Robe Bottom Earth Robe Bottom
Mystic Bottom Blessed Magic Bottom
Red Demon Mask Icon

Minigame Equipment

Attack Magic Ranged Mixture
Masks Red Demon Mask Blue Demon Mask Green Demon Mask
Attack Mask Magic Mask Range Mask
Shields Fire Shield Ice Shield Spider Shield
Weapons Killer Whip T.Knife Ice (G)
Fire Claw
Capes Fire Cape Ice Cape Green Fire Cape
Death A.Cape Death M.Cape Death R.Cape
Pet Chicken Egg icon

Pet Eggs

Items (Eggs/Books) Pet Images
Pet Chicken Egg
Blue Dragon
Baby Black Dragon Egg
Black Dragon
Dead Dragon Egg
Flame Summoner
Flame Summoner
Spell Scroll Icon

Spell Scrolls

Offensive Teleportation/Other Buffs/Healing Not from vendor
Ignite Scroll Aracia Tele Scroll MP Heal (Scroll) Electro
Fire Explosion (Scroll) Iceland Tele Scroll (NFV) Mage Buff Spell (Scroll)
Sapping Blow (Scroll) Boneyard teleport (Scroll) Attack Buff Spell (Scroll)
Ice Spell (Scroll) Blena Tele Scroll Range Buff Spell (Scroll)
MP Steal (Scroll) Dino Tele Scroll Aura Armor (Scroll)
Area Blast (Scroll) Alchemize (Scroll) Self-Heal (Scroll)
Deadly Gas (Scroll) Super Human (Scroll)
Chain Of Lightning (Scroll) Friendly Healing (Scroll)
Crippling Restraint (Scroll)
Paralyze (Scroll)
Hammer Icon


Gathering Tools

Picker Dark Picker Speed Pick Black Picker
Fasto Picker Dual Picker

Woodcutting Tools

Wood Axe Dark Axe Sandy Axe Glowing Axe
Fasto Axe Dual Hatchet

Mining Tools

Pickaxe Dark Pickaxe Black Miner Pickaxe Glowing Pickaxe
Fasto Pickaxe Dual Pickaxe

Crafting Tools


Fishing Tools

Fishing Rod Spear Fly Rod Frozen Spear
Flaming Spear Glowing Rod Hardened Frozen Spear Scorched Flaming Spear
Fasto Spear Fasto Spear (F) Dual I.Spears Dual F.Spears

Alchemy Tools

Magic Bottle
Bronze Bar icon

Gathering and Crafting Materials


Bronze Ore Iron Ore Adamant Ore Frozen Ore
Steel Ore Goka Ore Brok Ore Blug Ore
Puka Ore Life Ore Love Ore Hard Ore
Glowing Shard


Bronze Bar Iron Bar Black Bar Adamant Bar
Frozen Bar Steel Bar Goka Bar Brok Bar
Blug Bar Puka Bar Bar of Love Ring of Life
Hard Bar


Logs Oak Logs Frozen Logs Dark Logs
Strong Dark Logs Toll Logs Elder Logs Snow Logs
Jungle Logs


(T1) Healing (T1) Heal Potion-h (T1) Attack (T1) Magic
(T1) Magic Restore (T1) Range Potion (T1) Endurance Potion (T2) Attack Potion
(T2) Heal Potion (T2) Heal Potion-h (T2) Endurance Potion (T2) Magic Potion
(T2) Range Potion (T3) Attack Potion (T3) Magic Potion (T1) Flask Potion
(T3) Range Potion (T3) Endurance Potion (T3) Heal Potion (T3) Heal Potion-h

Alchemy Materials



Orango Tamboloes Tomato Blue Flower
White Berry Mushroom Poison Berries Shining Crystal
Honey Shards Armelon Bulb Berry Spike Vine
Creep Vine Magma Shard

Crafting Materials

Y.Block Green Crystal Blue Crystal Blue Crystal
B.Block R.Block Ghost Shard
Fire soul stone


Soul Stone Fire Soul Stone
Key 1 icon


God Orb Scylla Gate Key Icedom Key Cockroach Key
Lily Orb Scylla Key 2 Frozen Key Flaming Stag Key
Roob Orb Key #1 Frozen Key #2 Green M. Key
Dino Orb Key #2 Ice Key Boneyard Key
Desert Orb Devil Key Bablo Key Spider Key
Dragon Key Soul Key Blue M.Key

Crates (T1/T2/T3

(T1) Crate
(T2) Crate
(T3) Crate
Adamant Bar (x4) Armelon (x5) Snow Log (x10)
Adamant Ore (x6) Coins (x3184) Bulb Berry (x12)
Blue Flower (x6) Elder Logs (x4) 2 Headed Shark (x9)
Baby Lobster (x5) Frozen Ore (x7)
Bronze Bar (x5) Mushroom (x8)
Carrot (x7) Shining Crystal (x6)
Iron Ore (x8) Toll Logs (x5)
Logs (x7) Frozen Spear
Fly Rod T. Knife Fire (G)
Oak Logs (x10) Flaming Spear
Orango (x10) (T2) Crate (x2)
Soul Stone
Soul Stone (x2)
Tamboloes (x7)
Tomato (x10)
Water Staff (E)
Ork coins


Wing add
(B) Halo
(B) Halo
(R) Halo
(R) Halo
Bo'Kor Wings
Bo'Kor Wings
Glowing Wings (P)
Glowing Wings P
Vo'Kor Wings
Vo'Kor Wings
No'Kor Wings (B)
No kor Wings Blue
No'kor Wings (P)
P No'kor Wings
No'Kor Wings (Y)
Y No'Kor Wings
Scary Mask #1
Scary Mask1
Scary Mask #2
Scary Mask2
Death Skull
Death Skull
Mask #1
U Mask-1
Mask #2
U Mask-2
Mask #3
Rainbow Cape
U Rainbow Cape
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