Leveling is fairly simple. The higher the level, the more exp is gained, be it an enemy or a bush.

  • Combat skills (Attack, Archery, Endurance, Sorcery) give experience upon dealing or receiving (Endurance) damage. Dealing damage gives experience to the skill corresponding with that weapon. Melee weapons give Attack experience. Bows and throwing knives give Archery experience. Staves and Spells give experience to Sorcery. Experience is also influenced by how much damage is dealt; the more damage dealt, the more experience is gained. This means using a stronger weapon gives more experience. Another factor is enemy level; the higher the enemy level, the more experience received. The formula used to calculate the experience given is:
    • Lower level enemies (<15): Damage
    • Higher level enemies: Monster level / 5 * Damage
  • Resource collecting skills, such as Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining, and Gathering, give experience upon gathering a resource. Experience is influenced by damage and speed; nodes that require less hits will also give less experience and faster tool will net faster (more) experience. The node's level also affects the experience gained.
  • Creation skills, such as Crafting, Alchemy, and, Cooking, give experience upon the creation of an item(s). Experience is influenced by the level of the item crafted.
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