Membership gives access to an extra bank chest, use of member items, access to member only areas, and the member's zone. Member item names are normally written in green and member zones are noted at the entrance to the area by an 'M' sticker. Member areas are extremely useful for both non-combat and combat skills as they allow access to many resources, monsters and bosses. The member's zone instant teleports to most bosses and areas, cutting down greatly in walking and training time. It also rewards you with a blue coloured player name.


Membership is a premium feature for Orake 2D. You must pay with real currency to obtain membership. Buying a membership helps contribute to the games development and gives you in-game perks. Some of these perks include extra bank space, a different colourednamet in Global chat and Map chat, as well as access to member exclusive maps.

You are able to buy membership here (the Orake official website) under the Shop section.

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