Below you can find a list of links to all Monsters in Orake. This list DOES NOT include Rare Monsters or Bosses. Each page contains the known information, drops and drop chances for each monster.

Monsters with yellow name indicate they are passive, while monsters with red names indicate that they are aggressive.

Monster List

Monster Level Location(s)

King Mimic

(Req. Level 80 Dungeon)

128 Rage Cave Floor 19


(Req. Level 65 Dungeon,

Attack only)

126 Rage Cave Floor 18


(Req. Level 65 Dungeon,

Sorcery only)

126 Rage Cave Floor 17


(Req. Level 65 Dungeon,

Archery only)

126 Rage Cave Floor 16

Baby Shad 

(Req. Level 56 Dungeon)

124 Rage Cave Floor 15

Purple Dragon Fly 

(Req. Level 52 Dungeon)

122 Rage Cave Floor 14

T6 Slayer Monsters

(Req. Level 100 Slayer)

120 Elemental Citadel Slayer Areas

Red Rakora 

(Req. Level 48 Dungeon)

120 Rage Cave Floor 13

Flaming Warrior 

(Req. Level 44 Dungeon)

118 Rage Cave Floor 12


(Req. Level 40 Dungeon)

115 Rage Cave Floor 11
Grox 112 Starhenge


(Req. Level 36 Dungeon)

111 Rage Cave Floor 10
Moss Ork 110 Eternal Dungeon

Rock Warrior 

(Req. Level 32 Dungeon)

110 Rage Cave Floor 9
Zytrix 108 Starhenge
Zytrix Spawn 105 Starhenge
Mystical Tree 105 Eternal Dungeon
Infected Devil 105 Inferno Cave
Soul Reaper 105 Golo Cave #2
Scylla Dragon 105 Scylla Dungeon

Dragon Fly 

(Req. Level 28 Dungeon)

104 Rage Cave Floor 8
Redasaur 100 Dino Docking Area
Chaos Element 100 Boneyard (M)
Sico Ork 100 Boneyard (S) (2nd area)
Alligator Knight 100 Underground Power

T5 Slayer Monsters

(Req. Level 80 Slayer)

100 Elemental Citadel Slayer Areas

Killer Mushroom 

(Req. Level 24 Dungeon)

100 Rage Cave Floor 7
Fire Monster 98 Scylla Dungeon

Green Chug 

(Req. Level 20 Dungeon)

97 Rage Cave Floor 6

Sico Chaotic Ghost


95 Boneyard Cave (M)
Pterandom 95 Dino Island, Dino Cave
Dragon Slayer 95 Scylla Dungeon
Gold Minotaur 95 Magic Cave
Barbaric Man 95 Sunken Sanctuary, Barbarian Outpost
Barbaric Woman 92 Sunken Sanctuary, Barbarian Outpost

Cold Mushroom 

(Req. Level 16 Dungeon)

92 Rage Cave Floor 5
Grak Element 90, 110 Token Death Island
Devil 90 Frozen Cave #2
Green Dragon 90 Bloca Town, Bloca Town West
Bat 90 Scylla Dungeon
Albo Dragon 90 Scylla Dungeon
Undead Fire Dragon 90 Scylla Dungeon
Black Minotaur 90 Magic Cave

Frozen Dino 

(Req. Level 12 Dungeon)

87 Rage Cave Floor 4
Dapasaur 85 Dino Island, Dino Docking Area
Sandy Giant 85 Sandy Island Cave
Chaotic Ghost 85 Boneyard

Sand Chug 

(Req. Level 8 Dungeon)

82 Rage Cave Floor 3
Bloca Guard 80 Bloca Town West, Bloca Town
Jungle Cat 80 Mystica
Ork 80 Ugly Ork
Undead Dragon 80 Boneyard Maze

T4 Slayer Monsters

(Req. Level 60 Slayer)

80 Elemental Citadel Slayer Areas
Dead Man Walking 75 Boneyard Cave (M)
Flaming Stag 75 Boneyard Cave (M)
Sand Stag 75 Sandy Island
Ogre 75 Mindos Cave

Giant Sand Monster 

(Req. Level 4 Dungeon)

75 Rage Cave Floor 2
Corrupted Duke 74 Dungeon of Woes
Corrupted Blacksmith 71 Dungeon of Woes
Black Dragon 70 Lily's Island
Blue Slimer 70 Magic Cave
Red Dragon 70 Boneyard (M)
Rockcutter Stag 70 Boneyard Crypt (M)

Grako Lizard 

(Req. Combat Level 50)

70 Rage Cave Floor 1
Corrupted Mark 68 Dungeon of Woes
Corrupt Guild Master 65 Dungeon of Woes
Cockroach 65 Boneyard Crypt (M)
Spider 65 Boneyard Cave #2 (M)
Sand Monster 65 Sandy Island
Grak Walker 60, 90 Token Death Island
Frozen Skull 60 Frozen Cave #2
Wizard 60 Boneyard (S)
Mummy 60 Sand Cave, Boneyard Maze, Boneyard Cave (M)
Chaotic Ghost Dog 60 Boneyard
Crazy Kraken 60 Crazy Kraken (Cave)

T3 Slayer Monsters

(Req. Level 40 Slayer)

60 Elemental Citadel Slayer Areas
Black Miner 55 Boneyard (M)
Pukin Head 55 Sand Cave
Sico Minotaur 50 Magic Cave
Rockwort Goblin 50 Rockwort Village
Ice Knight 50 Iceland Town
Ice Dragon 50 Ice Cave #2, Frozen Caves
Zombie 45 Boneyard (S)
Living Crystal (B) 40 Lily's Island

T2 Slayer Monsters

(Req. Level 20 Slayer)

40 Elemental Citadel Slayer Areas
Grak Ghost 35, 65 Token Death Island
Power Battle Hammer 35 Living Cave, Living Cave 2
Mushroom Walker 30 Loto Forest, Mushroom Hideout



30 Island
Baby Cockroach 30 Boneyard Crypt (M)
Giant Worm 30 Mindos Cave
Living Crystal (R) 30 Lily's Island
Living Crystal (G) 25 Lily's Island
Ragsock Goblin 25 Ragsock Village
Ice Monster 20 Land of Ice, Ice Cave
Goblin 20 Blena Forest, Ragsock Village
T1 Slayer Monsters 20 Elemental Citadel Slayer Areas
Blena Knight 19 Blena
Battle Hammer 15 Living Cave
Rock Monster 15 Bablo Cave
Aracian Knight 10 Aracia
Killer Bee 11 Bobo Port, Bobo Forest, Blena Forest
Black Sheep 8 Bobo Port
Cow 7 Bobo Port
Chicken 6 Bobo Port, Blena Forest
Black Chicken 6 Bobo Port, Blena Forest
Rabbit 5 Loto Port, Loto Forest
Rat 1 Dino Cave
Hawk 1 Sunken Sanctuary
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