Morlox demolisher phase 1
Morlox demolisher phase 2
Morlox demolisher phase 3
Morlox demolisher phase 4

Morlox Demolisher is a four-phase, level 120 aggressive Boss located through the telepad behind the southeast gate in the Boneyard Maze. Each phase requires the player utilize a different combat style to do damage described below. It is a target in the False Prophet and Morlox quest.


In the first phase (1/4), Morlox is red (see images below) and can only be damaged using Attack.

In the second phase (2/4), the Demolisher is green and can only be harmed by Archery.

In the third phase (3/4), Morlox is blue and can only be hurt by Sorcery.

In the fourth (4/4) and final stage, Morlox is yellow and can take damage from any type of combat.

Loot Table

Drop Quantity Chance
Magic Rocks 37 1/2
Dragon Bolt 50 1/3.3
Lockpick 1 1/10
Magic Cape 1 1/10
Morlox Orb 1 1/50
Dragon Crossbow 1 1/500
Ice Sword 1 1/500
Fire Sword 1 1/500
Off-Hand Fire Sword 1 1/500
Off-Hand Ice Sword 1 1/500