Ork is a level 80 aggressive Monster found in Ugly Ork.

Players must obtain the Cockroach Key from killing level 75 Cockroaches. Use this key to open the door located on the west path of Boneyard Crypt (M); this leads to the Scared Man which gives you a quest named "What Lies Beneath..." which requires: 20 Mining, Smithing, and Crafting to complete. This quest will award you the Ork Key needed to access the Orks which are through the door north of the Scared Man.

Loot Table

Image Drop Amount odds
Ork Sword 1 1/500
Rigo Bar 1 1/100
Ork Staff 1 1/500
Off-hand Ork Sword 1 1/500
Ork Bow 1 1/1000
Ork Arrow 60 1/10
Ork Tokens 5

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