• When you are casting a spell holding down your attack button will buffer your basic attack with your spell, releasing it immediately afterwards.
  • Unlike Attack and Archery this class doesn’t need the crafting skill to make gear, however alchemy is needed to bless Mystic gear. If you do not wish to level alchemy, you can find someone to make the blessed gear for you. 
  • The Life Staff (E) is a very useful staff. It can be used to heal yourself or your allies. It can be used to train Endurance by constantly healing yourself while being attacked.
  • Sorcery is one of the more expensive skills to work with. Spells can cost a hefty amount.
  • Remember to use your spells whenever you can to upgrade them. They upgrade when the amount of uses requirement is met. You can see how many uses on the skill itself. They will upgrade whilst you’re out of combat as well.
  • Glaciate (lvl 2 Freeze) and Conflagrate (lvl 3 Ignite) will be your primary offensive spells for most of the game. Cycle between the 2 while using your basic attack.
  • You are able to have multiple of the same spells of a different level, however not of the same level. For example, you can use Major Heal Other and Minor Heal Other, but you cannot use two Major Heal Others. This is useful with buff spells; it allows you to have up to +15 in a combat skill.
  • It is possible to chain stuns with yourself and other players. This can be useful in PVE and PVP.
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