• For items that do not stack on their own, you can use the NOTE function. To note items, you must insert the letter "n" before the number of items you wish to deposit or withdraw. Example: Typing "n23" will make a noted stack of 23 of the item you were attempting to deposit. Items must be unnoted in the same way if already noted, it does not automatically become unnoted when you withdraw/deposit the item.
  • To privately message or whisper another player, use !InsertNameHere".
  • To speak in guild without switching channels put ";" at the start of your message.
  • Type "/who" in game for a list of players currently online on your server.
  • For mining, a good start is in Loto Mine near the chest (bank) located west of Loto Port. This location has quick access to a bank (one map away) and contains the initial 3 ores needed until level 25 Mining. When you get to level 25 and are mining Frozen Ore, continue using Loto bank since it is closer than other banks.
  • Spells and basic magic attacks with staves can be simultaneously loaded. (Hold the attack button while castingand the attack should launch right after the spell casts).
  • It is worth buying the Aracia Teleport (and other teles) to drastically reduce walking time when farming materials.
  • Pet HP/MP fully regenerates when switching maps.

Money-Making Methods

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