Witch is an NPC located in Aracia, Blena, and the Land of Ice. She offers Quests, Enchanting information, the ability to teleport to the tutorial with an Origins Voucher, and sells various items (see tables below).

Vendor Tables

Magic Equipment

Image Name Price Value
Mage ring icon
Mage's Ring 1200 1200
Mage boots
Mage's Boots 1000 1000
Training staff
Training Staff (E) 200 150
Water hat
Water Hat 450 450
Water top
Water Robe Top 600 600
Water bottoms
Water Robe Bottom 500 500
Water Orb icon
Water Orb 600 500
Water book
Tome of Water 996 905
Water Staff Icon
Water Staff 693 630
Water Staff Icon
Water Staff (E) 45k 15k
Wizard hat
Wizard Hat 2000 2000
Wizard Robe Top 4500 4500
Wizard Robe Bottom 3500 3500
Thunder Orb icon
Thunder Orb 800 700
Thunder book
Thunder Book 2750 2500
Thunder staff
Thunder Staff 1298 1180
Life Hat 36k 30k
Life Robe Top 46k 40k
Life Robe Bottom 41k 35k
Life orb
Life Orb 16k 15k
Life book
Book of Life 20790 18k
Staff of Life Icon
Staff of Life 80k 80k
Earth Hat 60k 50k
Earth Robe Top 90k 80k
Earth Robe Bottom 76k 65k
Earth Orb 44400 40k
Earth book 2
Earth Book 46850 42k
Earth Staff Icon
Earth Staff 88825 80k

Pet Eggs

Image Name Price Value
Flame summoner icon
Flame Summoner (T1) 90k 90k
Flame summoner icon
Flame Summoner (T2) 450k 300k
Flame summoner icon
Flame Summoner (T3) 850k 800k


Image Name Price Value
Ignite Scroll 60 50
Self-Heal 1k 1k
Mp Heal 15k 15k
Ice Spell 4k 4k
Sapping Blow 150k 150k
Attack Buff Spell 200k 200k
Mage Buff Spell 200k 200k
Range Buff Spell 200k 200k
Paralyze Spell 100k 100k
Molten Eruption 80k 90k
Aracia Tele Scroll 50k 40k
Mp Steal 30k 30k
Blena Tele Scroll 50k 50k
Friendly Healing 50k 50k
Crippling Restraint 90k 80k
Boneyard Teleport 100k 75k
Aura Armor 75k 50k
Super Human 100k 100k
Alchemize 300k 150k
Deadly Gas 400k 400k
Area Blast 300k 300k
Chain Of Lighting 50k 20k
Reso Heal 1.2m 1m
Dino Tele Scroll Dino Orb (N) (10) 1m
Second Wind Scroll 500k 500k


Image Name Price Value
(T1) Heal Potion 218 198
(T1) Attack Potion 416 378
(T1) Magic Potion 1096 996
(T1) Range Potion 449 408
(T1) End. Potion 634 576
(T2) Heal Potion 805 732
(T2) Attack Potion 1142 1038
MP Restore 2627 2388
Magic Bottle 50 10